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The Basics of Flingster Video Chat

What is Flingster video chat?

What is Flingster video chat?

Flingster video chat is a computer-based video-calling solution for businesses that allows its users to make and view calls at their own computers. It works just like the normal video calling service that one can get from any other service provider.

However, unlike this service, the only difference with Flingster video chat is that it can be used with your existing computer. In other words, you do not need to purchase another computer to make use of this software.

Video calling is the service that enables users to make calls over the internet with the help of a webcam. This webcam is connected to the user’s personal computer. This makes the video call very easy as users do not have to use a separate connection such as a landline phone line.

There are several different types of software available today for making and receiving calls. But as far as video chatting is concerned, it is a relatively new service that has been launched.

Video chat is a calling process in which users share a single screen to communicate with each other. This service is similar to email chats.

Service providers with webcams

Service providers with webcams

Most popular service providers like Skype, Google Chat, Yahoo Chat, and XChat also provide webcams through which a user can make and view video calls. But because of the expense involved, most users prefer to avail Flingster video chat.

While browsing the internet, users will find many different websites that claim to offer these services but in reality, they are just promoting their web cam as a means of making money online. The truth is that it is a one-time use software that is provided to users free of cost.

While making a video call, users need to be online. In order to do this, they simply have to launch their web cam and click on the microphone icon, then they have to type in the URL of the website where they want to make a video call.

After this, the web cam will send a signal to the Flingster server to let it know that the user wants to make a call. The Flingster server will then send the call to the user’s computer.

When the person whose video call is being recorded has connected to the Flingster server, a graphical interface will appear on the screen. Here, the user will have to choose a user name and password that will be required when making calls.

Text messages or voice messages

Text messages or voice messages

Once the video call is initiated, the viewers can interact with each other by sending messages to each other through this user interface. Depending on the distance between the two users, they can send text messages or voice messages.

For business owners, video chat is a convenient option because it does not require the users to have any prior knowledge of internet. With this, users can quickly become accustomed to the features and use them easily without any fear of getting lost.